Mattel’s MOTUC Eclub Eternia Figure for Jan 2015 – Lizard Man



This righteous reptile-human hybrid may be cold-blooded, but he burns with dedication to the Masters of the Universe®. Lizard Man doesn’t hesitate to toss his tail into the fray to defend Eternia®, and he’s a worthy warrior when speedy stealth is needed. Finally arriving in the MOTUC lineup, he comes with a Filmation sword for Skeletor® and the powerful Diamond Ray of Disappearance.

This month sees the release of the next Masters of the Universe Classics figure – Lizard Man.   January is a nice light month for with just the one new figure, and I suspect that will be a welcome recuperating month for those that had a very heavy Nov and Dec from Matty.




THE FIGURE – This is the first ever Lizard Man MOTU figure.  He was a character from the Filmation animated series and never had a vintage figure.  As such he has a LOT of new tooling and a more animated look overall.  There is not a tremendous amount of texture in his sculpt or shading in his paint which makes him a lot closer to his animated counterpart than some of the past Filmation characters that have been run through the MOTUClassicizing machine.




The torso seems to be all new tooling with the neck and tunic all part of the same built-in piece.  That also means that there is no ab-crunch.  The tail is not attached to the figure propper, it is attached to the lower tunic.

MOTUCLizardManFace MOTUCLizardManFace2


Both of Lizard Man’s hands are cast in translucent plastic so that the webbing is translucent, and the flesh parts are painted.   It’s a really great detail on the figure.


ACCESSORIES – For accessories Lizard Man comes with a sword and the “Diamond of Disappearance.”   The Sword is cast in a single color with no paint decos.   It has bone motif on the handle.   The Diamond in the box should technically be a Skeletor acaccessory  and if you look at the bottom of it, it’s actually sculpted to fit in Skeletor’s hand.  It will sit in Lizard Man’s hand too, but it’s clearly sculpted for a different hand.

MOTUCLizardManHand MOTUCLizardManFeet

The whole accessory is cast in glow-in-the-dark plastic, but just the box is painted so that the gem will glow.   There is a small warning sticker on the back of the card that explains how to make it glow and not to expose the accessory to extreme heat.


MOTUCLizardManSword MOTUCLizardManGem3 MOTUCLizardManGem2


Lizard Man is the January 2015 Club Eternia figure and will be available for sale on on January 15th.

This sample was provided by Mattel.