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The second week of January is a big one, with lots of comics coming out. BOOM! has lots of comics hitting shops including a new Adventure Time mini-series. Check out the previews to see what you might want to pick up.

MarcelineGoneAdrift_001_coverB MarcelineGoneAdrift_001_coverC MarcelineGoneAdrift_001_coverE

MarcelineGoneAdrift_001_coverAAdventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift #1 (of 6)
Imprint: KaBOOM!

Author: Meredith Gran
Artist: Carey Pietsch

WHY WE LOVE IT: Marceline and the Scream Queens was our first Adventure Time miniseries and we loved the tour Meredith Gran took us on. It’s definitely time for more Marceline and what better way to get everything rolling than with an epic that takes Marceline and Princess Bubblegum to the far corners of the world and into space!

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Marceline. The. Vampire. Queen. From the writer that brought you Marceline and the Scream Queens, Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie), and introducing indie talent Carey Pietsch, this is your chance to get some one-on-one time with one of your favorite residents of Ooo.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Marceline is on a rampage for mysterious reasons, and the kingdom of Ooo is desperately scrambling to stop her. In trying to save both Ooo and Marceline herself, Princess Bubblegum accidentally propels Marceline into the farthest reaches of space…and strips her of her powers! Guilt-ridden, Princess Bubblegum sets off on a space rescue that’ll test the power of her mind…as well as the power of friendship.

MarcelineGoneAdrift_001_PRESS-8 MarcelineGoneAdrift_001_PRESS-9 MarcelineGoneAdrift_001_PRESS-10 MarcelineGoneAdrift_001_PRESS-11 MarcelineGoneAdrift_001_PRESS-12

BOOM!_Box_2014_Mix_Tape_Cover_A BOOM!_BOX_2014_Mix_Tape_Cover_BBOOM! Box 2014 Mix Tape
Imprint: BOOM! Box

Authors: Rian Sygh, Ryan North, Alexis Ziritt, Shannon Watters, Becca Tobin, John Kovalic, Rosemary Mosco, Eryk Donovan, Noelle Stevenson, Madeleine Flores, Stefan Tosheff, Jake Lawrence, Dave McElfatrick, Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, and Paul Maybury
Artists: Rian Sygh, Braden Lamb, Alexis Ziritt, Kendra Wells, Becca Tobin, John Kovalic, Rosemary Mosco, Eryk Donovan, Carey Pietsch, Madeleine Flores, Stefan Tosheff, Jake Lawrence, Dave McElfatrick, Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, and Paul Maybury

WHY WE LOVE IT: You ever think of a story that you’d love to tell, but can’t think of a home for it? Well, those stories go to this sweet little orphanage for eccentric tales, called The Mix Tape. We gathered the best of the best, reached out to our favorite artists and storytellers, and created this oversized, deluxe love letter for you.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: If you’re loving The Midas Flesh, Lumberjanes, Teen Dog, and Cyanide & Happiness, and are excited for our comics adaptation of the Munchkin card game, delve into a world of like-minded stories! From the wacky to the touching, you’ll never know what you’re going to get. Here’s a hint: a brand-new Lumberjanes story written and drawn by Noelle Stevenson and the first-ever Munchkin comic by John Kovalic.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: We reached out to a bunch of our favorite creators with one mission in mind—to bring original, unconventional characters and stories to life. The Mix Tape is an eclectic collection of stories based on characters that are anything but your average lot. Talking hamburgers, misunderstood ghosts, and punk rock grandmas are just the tip of these stories that are best described as “off the beaten track.”

BOOM!_Box_2014_Mix_Tape_PRESS-4 BOOM!_Box_2014_Mix_Tape_PRESS-5 BOOM!_Box_2014_Mix_Tape_PRESS-7 BOOM!_Box_2014_Mix_Tape_PRESS-14

BOOM!_Box_2014_Mix_Tape_PRESS-21 BOOM!_Box_2014_Mix_Tape_PRESS-27 BOOM!_Box_2014_Mix_Tape_PRESS-29 BOOM!_Box_2014_Mix_Tape_PRESS-35

BravestWarriors_V4_coverBravest Warriors Vol. 4 TP
Imprint: KaBOOM!

Authors: Eric M. Esquivel, Breehn Burns & Jason Johnson, Ryan Pequin, Tessa Stone, and Coleman Engle
Artists: Mike Holmes, Ryan Pequin, and Coleman Engle

Ever wonder how the Bravest Warriors got their super rad Sticker Pets? Or what would happen if Chris’ Emotion Lord powers kicked in during a trip to the Dating Pool? Or what sort of trouble Wallow could find inside the Dream Dimension? Find out in these brand-new missions, written by Bravest Warriors showrunners Breehn Burns & Jason Johnson, Eric M. Esquivel (Loki: Ragnarok and Roll), and Tessa Stone (Regular Show: Hydration), illustrated by Mike Holmes (True Story), and featuring short stories from a handful of amazing artists, including Three Word Phrase creator Ryan Pequin! Collects issues #13-16.

BravestWarriors_V4_PRESS-10 BravestWarriors_V4_PRESS-11BravestWarriors_V4_PRESS-12 BravestWarriors_V4_PRESS-13 BravestWarriors_V4_PRESS-14

BravestWarriors_V4_PRESS-15 BravestWarriors_V4_PRESS-16 BravestWarriors_V4_PRESS-17 BravestWarriors_V4_PRESS-18 BravestWarriors_V4_PRESS-19

BravestWarriors28_coverA BravestWarriors28_coverB BravestWarriors28_coverC

Bravest Warriors #28
Imprint: KaBOOM!

Author: Kate Leth
Artist: Ian McGinty

It’s the epic conclusion to the Bravest Warriors’ battle to save the planet Vira alongside all-new, super-rad ally, Peach. Giant monsters versus giant robots, Bravest Warriors style!

BravestWarriors28_PRESS-5 BravestWarriors28_PRESS-6 BravestWarriors28_PRESS-7

BravestWarriors28_PRESS-8 BravestWarriors28_PRESS-9 BravestWarriors28_PRESS-10

DeepState03_coverADeepState03_coverBDeep State #3

Author: Justin Jordan
Artist: Ariela Kristantina

The Cosmonaut invasion is perilously close to becoming public as Control agents Harrow & Branch struggle to seal off the rural Pennsylvania town while also saving its populace from the thrall of the mysterious presence.

DeepState03_PRESS-4 DeepState03_PRESS-5 DeepState03_PRESS-6 DeepState03_PRESS-7DeepState03_PRESS-8

FraggleRock04_coverAFraggle Rock: Journey to the Everspring #4 (of 4)
Imprint: Archaia

Author: Kate Leth
Artist: Jake Myler

After meeting the never-before-seen Doozer colony of Crystal Cave, the Fraggles may need a little more help to unclog the Everspring and bring water back to Fraggle Rock than they realized. But will Gobo and the gang be able to unite the two Doozer colonies and get the job done before it’s too late?

FraggleRock04_PRESS-3 FraggleRock04_PRESS-4 FraggleRock04_PRESS-5 FraggleRock04_PRESS-6 FraggleRock04_PRESS-7

Hexed_006_coverHexed #6
Author: Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Dan Mora

The race between Lucifer and Madam Cymbaline to assemble the stolen magical repertoire of Val’s basement hurtles on, as Lucifer and her crew set their eyes on the ultimate heist—sneaking into Graeae Towers themselves. Meanwhile, Raina struggles to control her newfound necromancing powers and Val copes with the deal she’s made with the Harlot.

Hexed_006_PRESS-3 Hexed_006_PRESS-4 Hexed_006_PRESS-5 Hexed_006_PRESS-6 Hexed_006_PRESS-7

Regular_Show_019_coverA Regular_Show_019_coverB Regular_Show_019_coverC

Regular Show #19
Imprint: KaBOOM!

Author: Nick Sumida
Artist: Allison Strejlau

Rigby and Mordecai’s wishes keep spiraling out of control, but a trip to Genie Beach might offer a solution! Or, um, it might make everything way, way worse.

Regular_Show_019_PRESS-3 Regular_Show_019_PRESS-4Regular_Show_019_PRESS-5 Regular_Show_019_PRESS-6 Regular_Show_019_PRESS-7

StevenUniverse_006_coverA StevenUniverse_006_coverB StevenUniverse_006_coverC

Steven Universe #6
Imprint: KaBOOM!

Author: Jeremy Sorese, Grace Craft, and Josceline Fenton
Artist: Coleman Engle, Grace Craft, Bridget Underwood, and Josceline Fenton

Pearl has the Gems in her thoughts…literally! Steven and Garnet are going to have to navigate Pearl’s mind if they want to find what’s making her sick!

StevenUniverse_006_PRESS-5 StevenUniverse_006_PRESS-6 StevenUniverse_006_PRESS-7 StevenUniverse_006_PRESS-8 StevenUniverse_006_PRESS-9

SuicideRisk21_coverSuicide Risk #21

Author: Mike Carey
Artist: Elena Casagrande

Faced with either protecting the false family he’s come to love, or the real, violent one he left behind the F.A.U.L.T.Line, the rift between Leo’s past and present begins to violently pull apart. But he may not have time to make a choice, as there may not be an Earth—either Earth—left to return to!

SuicideRisk21_PRESS-3 SuicideRisk21_PRESS-4 SuicideRisk21_PRESS-5 SuicideRisk21_PRESS-6 SuicideRisk21_PRESS-7

TeenDog05_coverATeen Dog #5 (of 8 )
Imprint: BOOM! Box

Author: Jake Lawrence
Artist: Jake Lawrence

Do you hear that? Do you hear those sweet summer jamz? The sound of sneaking into a venue to see your favorite band? The echos of the needle first hitting a new record? Teen Dog gets groovy in this musical issue, even if he can’t even really play the guitar.

TeenDog05_PRESS-3 TeenDog05_PRESS-4 TeenDog05_PRESS-5 TeenDog05_PRESS-6 TeenDog05_PRESS-7

Thomas_Alsop_008_coverThomas Alsop #8 (of 8 )

Author: Chris Miskiewicz
Artist: Palle Schmidt

Thomas’ plan to free 3,000 souls has made him a pariah in New York City, but now it is the moment of truth in this final issue! To succeed, Thomas must face more than just demons in the past. Dark, personal secrets shall come to light…

Thomas_Alsop_008_PRESS-3 Thomas_Alsop_008_PRESS-4Thomas_Alsop_008_PRESS-5 Thomas_Alsop_008_PRESS-6 Thomas_Alsop_008_PRESS-7

WildsEnd05_coverWild’s End #5 (of 6)

Author: Dan Abnett
Artist: I.N.J. Culbard

With nowhere left to run, our heroes must band together in a desperate bid to take down the largest alien they have faced yet and save whatever is left of Lower Crowchurch. But is there hope of safety even if they succeed?

WildsEnd05_PRESS-3 WildsEnd05_PRESS-4 WildsEnd05_PRESS-5 WildsEnd05_PRESS-6 WildsEnd05_PRESS-7