Daily Blog 2014.12.06 – Christmas Crush

Call me The Keep.

I’m coming off the busiest holiday shopping time of the year for my store. I’ve got business pouring in from all over the place as it seems online business is at full tilt compared to previous years. I’m a little scatter-brained as my warehouse is still going through an inventory count and I really only have about half the things I’ve got active online on my 3rd party venues.

PowerAnime.com is relatively quite compared to the mega-shops like Amazon and Ebay. I find my personal store site more of a place for my locals to check stuff out before coming down to the shop. I’ll be honest: the way I’ve got things set up with my personal site seems to let down many online customers who are not local. Since my site connects to my distributors as far as active inventory, it seems I have a ton more things on PowerAnime than I actually do at my warehouse.

“If only my distributors had a reliable online inventory system I could access” is the cry I have every time I send out an apologetic Out of Stock email, which happens more often than you think. I’m looking to do a ton of changes for 2015 in regards to my site though: I’ve learned that simply having a site that offers stuff isn’t enough; I really need to give my customers a unique experience that can’t be done with other venues. This is why many of my locals are much more forgiving to me when I tell them the situation with my inventory. They know who I am, and they know I’m dedicated to getting whatever they’re asking for in if I don’t have it at that time. Its hard to convey that same effort over an email in this day and age of e-communication. You might not see it, but when I blog, I’m always reading it out loud at the top of my lungs.. see… I knew you couldn’t tell.

2015 will see a bit more focus with my personal site as I’m looking to move on from grass roots development (Notepad programming), and migrate to the more popular and much more efficient pre-constructed shopping cart. This is important for a number of reasons, and I’m thinking with my experience with back end programming, I could still create an interface that allows me to manage all the data going to all the shops I’m selling on. I also want to look at teaming up with some selling vendors and fulfillment centers in other parts of the world like the UK, Australia, and Canada.

The weekend’s only half over and I’m already fearing Monday when I need to pack all these jokers. I want Sunday to be gangbusters, but I’ll probably cry driving to my warehouse the very next day… at least it won’t be raining… I hope….

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