Daily Blog 2014.12.07 – Kids 4-9: Cards are still a hot thing

Finished up our weekly Pokemon Trading Card event at Big Lou’s in Culver City. Its really good to see parents really excited to see their kids actually playing the game. I can’t tell you how many parents spend boat loads of cash on cards for their kids who don’t know how to play worth a lick. Both the kids and the parents get this sense of pride and relief after I finally explain the rules, and parents get just as involved with the game (sometimes more so) than the kids.

Taking a look at the orders due from my online operation: currently pending – 84 orders. Big titles this year: Nintendo, Dragonball, and Pokemon… it might be because that’s all I’ve got posted from my warehouse so far =P Monday is going to kill me. Did I mention I’m a one-man operation that manages all these orders? Its exciting and scary at the same time. I’ll tell you how I fare after all is said and done tomorrow.

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