Daily Blog 2014.12.08 – Compound Interest(s)

While mindlessly swimming through the tidal wave of orders that spashed into my warehouse over the weekend, I was listening to a very interesting podcast that talked about compounding activities day by day. Basically, do a little today, and tomorrow you build on it, and the day after you build on the sum of the previous, and so on. It really puts many things into perspective. If you take a step back and look at any massive task at hand (in my case, a bijillion orders to fill in the next two days), it all starts from doing one small step and building on top of it.

That’s what my daily blog here are about: getting a rhythm and inform my masses. I’m still trying to figure out the message I ultimately want to deliver on a solid consistent basis, but until then I’m just going to post my summarized mental ramblings here. Spaghetti theory: throw enough at the wall, and something’s bound to stick.

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