FigWiz Podcast Episode 6 – Chrimbus Special

Sorry for the late drop! Holiday sales craziness and the flu put me out of commission for a bit. We’re back with our year-in-review episode! For those of you that have already listened (thank you!), here are links to the two Kickstarter campaigns Natalie mentioned during the show: Vamplets: 4 New Designer Plush Baby Monster Toys. Ends Wednesday, January 7. Currently US$13,886 out of the required US$22,500 has been pledged. Tentacle Kitty: Color Shift. Ends today, December 30. Already funded but those stretch goals are awfully tempting.

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Daily Blog 2014.12.08 – Compound Interest(s)

While mindlessly swimming through the tidal wave of orders that spashed into my warehouse over the weekend, I was listening to a very interesting podcast that talked about compounding activities day by day. Basically, do a little today, and tomorrow you build on it, and the day after you build on the sum of the previous, and so on. It really puts many things into perspective. If you take a step back and look at any massive task at hand (in my case, a bijillion orders to fill in the next two days), it all starts from doing one small step and building on top of it. That’s what my […]

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