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Evilos reveals ‘Cosmic Samus’ custom Amiibo

Nintendo’s Amiibo figures are something we seem to chat about quite a bit over here at FigWiz. Custom Amiibo have sprouted up here and there on the web but here is one with a pedigree. Toy artist Evilos is probably best known for his work customizing Disney Vinylmation figures but has recently expanded to Skylander figures. Today, he revealed a very special Samus Amiibo, dubbed “Cosmic Samus,” painted with a cosmos motif. Limited to 15 numbered pieces, each costing US$59.99, these special figures can purchased on Evilos’ eBay page. [via Amiibo Inquirer]

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FigWiz Podcast Episode 9 – Let me take you to the hobby shop

Recorded on the week of the 14th Jan: The Keep, Carlos and Natalie talking where are some of the places we like to shop for figures online. We’ve gone through the experience and talk about both good times and the bad. No we are not getting paid or endorsed by the sites we mention. We just want to say how good they are. Frank And Sons Big Bad Toys Facebook: Star Wars Black Series Group Disney Store Ami Ami Entertainment Earth CS Toys – The Sentai Guy Toys Logic Toylet Collectibles Robert’s Anime Corner Store PowerAnime – shameless plug

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Let’s talk Disney merch: New and upcoming toy lines in the Parks

I am a huge Disney fan, as in the over-a-hundred-visits-per-year-to-Disneyland-annual-passholder kind, and as a toy collector, I am always eager to see what new items are available in the Parks. Recently, the Haunted Mansion has seen some love in the toy realm with plushes of the Hitchhiking Ghosts and the Ghost Bride (also called Constance Hatchaway) along with a diecast model of the hearse outside the ride and some glow-in-the-dark action figures of some of the Mansion’s residents. Now if they could just make a plush of the Gravekeeper’s dog, I can rest in peace. Seriously, Disney. Make it happen. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit must truly be lucky because he now has a […]

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Happy New Year AKA Nendoroid Racing Miku 2015 pre-order day!

As you probably know, today is the first day of 2015 and Good Smile Company is welcoming the new year with the opening of pre-orders for Nendoroid Racing Miku 2015. It seems fitting that their first figure announcement of the year be dated. Well played, GSC. Fans of the blue-haired Vocaloid can pre-order this figure as a sponsorship to the GSC racing team. There are several levels of sponsorship available, ¥50,000, ¥30,000, ¥12,000, and ¥8,000. Every level comes with the Nendoroid but extras differ depending on the tier. You can place your pre-orders here. Note that pre-orders close on February 28, 2015. In my opinion, 2015’s Racing Miku may have the most interesting design […]

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FigWiz Podcast Episode 6 – Chrimbus Special

Sorry for the late drop! Holiday sales craziness and the flu put me out of commission for a bit. We’re back with our year-in-review episode! For those of you that have already listened (thank you!), here are links to the two Kickstarter campaigns Natalie mentioned during the show: Vamplets: 4 New Designer Plush Baby Monster Toys. Ends Wednesday, January 7. Currently US$13,886 out of the required US$22,500 has been pledged. Tentacle Kitty: Color Shift. Ends today, December 30. Already funded but those stretch goals are awfully tempting.

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Daily Blog 2014.12.07 – Kids 4-9: Cards are still a hot thing

Finished up our weekly Pokemon Trading Card event at Big Lou’s in Culver City. Its really good to see parents really excited to see their kids actually playing the game. I can’t tell you how many parents spend boat loads of cash on cards for their kids who don’t know how to play worth a lick. Both the kids and the parents get this sense of pride and relief after I finally explain the rules, and parents get just as involved with the game (sometimes more so) than the kids. Taking a look at the orders due from my online operation: currently pending – 84 orders. Big titles this year: […]

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