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FigWiz Podcast Episode 18 – ‘Carlos Lives’

Back again after the long break! Carlos is back from a pretty hard hitting sickness. Today is a big update on the week with Bushiroad trading card games, Pokemon, Wonder Con and more. Gamestop and other retail store business talk. Retail stores vs convention business. Movies movies movies… consider this the year’s setup for the figures to come during the holiday season. Bloodborne My Trading Card Game League Facebook Page Amiibo Ness (Super Smash Brothers Series) Injustice Gods Among Us Superman SH Figuarts Action Figure Bandai Tamashii Nations Movie Realization Samurai General Darth Vader “Star Wars” Action Figure Bandai Tamashii Nations Movie Realization Ashigaru Storm Trooper “Star Wars” Action Figure

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FigWiz Podcast Episode 14 – ‘Masturbation Nation’

Distributors selling at cons vs. merchants, Bandai Tamashii figures, RIP D-Arts, Amiibo news, Target missing target release dates for TCGs, and crappy store stories from both consumer side and owner side. It gets rough. Buy the Power Rangers Legacy Saba Sword Buy the Nintendo Amiibo Shulk Pokemon Toys on Amazon Buy a Pokemon X & Y Primal Clash Booster Box Buy a Bandai Zero (Type 2) inches Megaman inches D-Arts Buy a Bandai Tamashii Nations SH Figuarts Vegeta Original Animation Colors SDCC Exclusive “Dragonball Z” Action Figure Buy a One Piece Bandai S.H. Figuarts 6 Inch Super Articulated Figure Monkey D. Luffy Star Wars Darth Vader Pre-Order! Star Wars Storm […]

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Daily Blog 2014.12.07 – Kids 4-9: Cards are still a hot thing

Finished up our weekly Pokemon Trading Card event at Big Lou’s in Culver City. Its really good to see parents really excited to see their kids actually playing the game. I can’t tell you how many parents spend boat loads of cash on cards for their kids who don’t know how to play worth a lick. Both the kids and the parents get this sense of pride and relief after I finally explain the rules, and parents get just as involved with the game (sometimes more so) than the kids. Taking a look at the orders due from my online operation: currently pending – 84 orders. Big titles this year: […]

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