Trials of Mana: Duran and Angela Bring Arts Action Figures (Set of 2)


From Trials of Mana, the action RPG masterpiece that was first released in 1995 and reimagined during its 25th anniversary this year as a full remake, arrive Duran, a proud young soldier from Valsena, Kingdom of the Plains, and Angela, the princess of Altena, Kingdom of Magicians, together as a set!
The molding that carefully portrays texture, as well as the vivid colors that convey the game?s fantastical world, capture a sense of presence that feel as though they?ve jumped straight out of the game.
Each comes with two types of weapons. With the special mount parts, it?s even possible to recreate scenes of the characters wearing the weapons on their backs. Additional hand parts and head parts that show a wide array of expressions are also included in this plentiful lineup.