Trials of Mana: Hawkeye and Riesz Bring Arts Action Figures (Set of 2)


From Trials of Mana, the action RPG masterpiece that was first released in 1995 and reimagined during its 25th anniversary this year as a full remake, arrive Hawkeye, the noble thief of the Nevarlan thief guild, and Riesz, the princess of the Kingdom of Wind Laurent, come together to join BRING ARTS as a set!
The care taken to create this masterpiece is apparent throughout, with the costumes? texture and the soft golden locks that accentuate Riesz?s loveliness, as well as Hawkeye?s exotic and captivating tan skin. Also included is a plentiful array of interchangeable parts, and each weapon can be equipped to the characters? backs using their special mount parts. The various scenes throughout the story can be recreated in a dramatic fashion!