World of Final Fantasy: Magitek Armor Static Arts Mini Figure


From WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, characters TAMA, CHOCOCHICK, CACTUAR CONDUCTOR and MAGITEK ARMOR make their appearance to the Static Arts mini line!

When mounted, this magically-powered machine can be used as a means of transportation, but it is also a formidable contender in battle! It can deal heavy blows and fire elemental beams from its lens, making it a very nifty ally and a definite must-have during your adventures in Grymoire.

This iteration of the Magitek armor incorporates mechanical elements like the rig on its back, the claw-like hands, and its plating and joints, while still giving off the feeling that it&#39s alive. Its signature single eye is painted with two colors and a gradation to give it a convincing glow. Our designers took great care in recreating every precise detail.