Funko POP Fever for less than $4 each!

Hope everyone had a great shopping experience this weekend. Outside of a 4 digit car repair that grounded my movement for 6 days, I definitely felt I scored BIG time on a TV deal that I’ll be reveling in for a few months. Buddha praise the internet a la Amazon.

Of course, I still feel I missed out on somethings sadly. If you ended up feeling shafted for one reason or another, fear not, as popular POPs have gotten down to a serious rock bottom price on the River for some lead licenses including Frozen 2, Marvel, Star Wars, Toy Story 4, Fortnite, and The Simpsons.

If you still happen to have space on your shelf or looking for a last minute stocking stuffer, $4 shipped is hard to beat. Best believe these will pop up in value right after the sale. I’m particularly keen on the Venomized Collection. Take a look at a few below, and see the rest in the Bellwether sorted by lowest price.

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