Post Halloween All too expected sale – Nightmare Before Christmas POP Figures

As most would guess, the days after Halloween are riddled with sales on everything costumes, candy, and themed figures. One brand in particular that strangely never fizzled in the many years since its release is Nightmare Before Christmas. In all honesty, I never got it. The stop motion animation was a little off for me even in that time… I was more of a Ray Harryhausen fan myself, but hey, to each their own… and in this case, there’s an overwhelming majority in favor of Tim Burton’s feature. In that spirit, Amazon’s offering a special deal on the troublesome child trio that are so iconic to the image of the brand.

For under $20, get your hands on the Funko version of Lock, Shock, and Barrel! Unlike other Funko that i’m rather critical about (don’t get me started on the generic features of Soccer Stars line), these 3 turned out to look rather slick. Its a ‘Deal of the Day’ collection, so its not going to last passed this day. Happy hunting, all!

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