Under-priced Funko POPs! Fortnite

With the ravenous popularity of Funko’s POP Figure line, figure valuation for the collection will have a decent demand for the time being. Of course once people realize these figures aren’t in any way a decent representation of the licenses and personalities they love, the value will drop like a rock. Let’s face it: each Pop is essentially a figure of the same generic dude (lets call him Freddy) cosplaying as every character ever. They essentially scream to desperately be accepted as mainstay figures of any brand using the most basic, flat styles of designer vinyl collectibles. I mean, seriously, real fans of any major license would look to find something that truly defines the images that lay locked in their memory. POP’s are far from that. They are in my mind what I once called a ‘Quick Collectible’ akin to ‘Fast Fashion’ Cheaply made, generic in detail, quickly produced, and made in such a variety as to get something new daily.

Aside from my own sour taste of these figures, they’re still the most accessible, mobile, and affordable collectibles for a great deal of licenses because frankly speaking, most licenses aren’t worthy of figures. That being said, the purchase in rock bottom Funkos is still good for the time being from an investment point of view.

Here are some recent winners you might consider:

Fortnite is one of the hyper phenomon games that captured a generation. I consider generational because gamers my age don’t have the slightest urge to play, and we’re the seasoned veterans. When a license captures a generation, collectibles will undoubtedly become long tail opportunities. Fortnite may be one of the only licenses for specific age groups as its one of the only brands that has taken hold of major channels of exposure and promotion, namely the PC gaming and YouTube.

Fortnite POPs! for under $5 shipped!

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